“Recognising the critical work that we do at Blue Plains, we took extra preventative measures to protect our facilities during severe weather” said Aklile Tesfaye, Director, Department of Wastewater Treatment, “that included protective barrier in case the Potomac River rose above its banks”.

Hurricane Irene (Protection of Blue Plains, Largest Water Treatment Plant in the World, Washington DC, USA.)


Assistant Executive Director, Kathy Pedersen said, “the Commission purchased the Big Bag Defence System as a preventative measure to provide additional protection in the event of a flood. The Big Bag Defence System will be stored at the Wastewater Treatment facility and employees will be trained to fill and set up the bags. This System was selected as the most efficient after reviewing two other flood protection systems. Hopefully we will not experience a flood emergency and have occasion to use this system, however it is reassuring to know that it is readily available if needed”.

Springfield Water & Sewer Commission (Massachusetts, USA)


“We were very surprised how quick and easy it was to build our flood protection barrier along 
the river Elbe to protect our town of Rosslau in Germany. It took only 6 people to construct 600m barrier and we will be looking to use your Big Bag Systems for any future flooding”.

Klemens Koschig – Mayor of Rosslau


“To protect the Town of Dresdon from flooding, different flood protection systems were considered. The flood committee chose to procure 668 Big Bag flood control systems (3000m) due to how quickly the systems could be deployed and dismantled”.

Rolf-Jurgen Mumme – Office of Public Works, Dresdon